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The Tangle Box is a fandom community where you can post icons, fanfic, music videos, artwork, fanmixes, whatever; as long as it belongs to one of the fandoms in the Show Index. The name tangle box comes from the title of a novel by Terry Brooks.

01. Only those shows listed in the Show Index are allowed in the community.
02. All teaser icons must be in the index. It's all right to link to your own journal where you have other shows, but any images shown in this community must be in the index.
03. Your icon and graphic posts must contain a teaser with 3 images. All other icons need to be under a cut.
04. Fanfiction and videos must not contain any other shows not listed in the index.
05. All fanmixes and music videos must be locked.
06. No bashing other people's shows. This is not the place for it.
07. No pimping other communities here. Do that elsewhere.
08. Make sure you use tags pertaining to the shows in your post. The tag list is here.
09. Membership must be approved by the mod before you can see locked posts. If you have an empty journal or you are involved with unsavory communities, you will not be approved.
10. Have fun:)

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